Our Beers

Our Flagship Beers

German Pilsner - Zwei Brewing - Fort Collins, Colorado

Zwei Pils (Bavarian-style Pilsner)

Floral herbal hop aroma, with a slight sweetness up front and a crisp hoppy finish.
ABV 5.1% - IBU 36
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Hallertau Mittelfrueh

German Helles - Zwei Brewing - Fort Collins, Colorado

Helles (Munich-style Golden Lager)

Bready malt notes, wisps of citrus and vanilla, balanced between hop and malt.
ABV 5.25% - IBU 25
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Hallertau Mittelfrueh

German Dunkel - Zwei Brewing - Fort Collins, Colorado

Dunkel (Munich-style Amber Lager)

Dark, toasty and bready malt notes with notes of coco. Balance is decidedly malt forward.
ABV 5% - IBU 20
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Hallertau Tradition

German Weissbier - Zwei Brewing - Fort Collins, Colorado

Weissbier (Bavarian-style Wheat bier)

Weissbier (White beer) also known as Hefeweizen (Yeast-Wheat). Creamy and fruity with a spicy finish.
ABV 5.25% - IBU 12
Yeast: Weiss
Hop: Hallertau Magnum

Neue Vienna Lager - Zwei Brewing - Fort Collins, Colorado

Vienna Lager (Austrian-Style Lager)

Toasted Bread and a nuance of nuttiness.
ABV 5.3% - IBU 24
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Tradition & Mittelfrueh

Willy Nelson IPA - Zwei Brewing - Fort Collins, Colorado

Willy Nelson (American IPA)

Light body with a hint of honey combined with citrusy, fruity and floral hop character.
ABV 7% - IBU 70
Yeast: English Ale
Hop: El Dorado, Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo and Galaxy
Dry Hop: Galaxy and Amarillo.

Our Rotating Seasonal Beers

Pils Del Nord (Northern Style Pilsner)

More bitter than our flagship pilsner, but still easy on the palette. Big floral hop aromas.
ABV 5.1% - IBU 38
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Magnum & Saphire
Dry Hop: Hallertau Mittelfrueh

Tripel (Belgian Tripel)

Brilliant and smooth flavors of pineapple, banana, clove and cotton candy.
ABV 9.0% - IBU 42
Yeast: Chimay & Westalle
Hop: Cashmere

Schwarzbier (Black Lager bier)

Chocolate, toasted and burnt sugar malt flavors, soft and drinkable.
ABV 5.2% - IBU 31
Yeast: Augustiner
Hop: Tradition

Rauch Wiesn (Smoked Festbier)

A light and crisp, slightly sweet lager with a bold, smokey finish from smoked malt.
ABV 6.1% - IBU 26
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Melon & Saphir

A beer named “Sioux” (Double IPA)

Deceivingly drinkable Imperial IPA. Tropical fruit and red berry hop aroma.
ABV 9.5% - IBU 85
Yeast: English Ale
Hop: Centennial, Warrior, El Dorado & Amarillo
Dry Hop: Galaxy, Mosaic & El Dorado

Prickly Passion (Gose- sour)

A Prickly Pear and Passionfruit kettle sour with salt.
ABV 5.75% - IBU 15
Yeast: Ale
Hop: Almost None!

Lukas “Willie’s Son" (Pale Ale)

Bluesy Malt Back Bone with Big Hop character.
ABV 4.9% - IBU 48
Yeast: Ale
Hop: Mosaic & Centennial
Dry Hop: Centennial & Mosaic

Chip Shot (American IPA)

Citrusy front with notes of peach.
ABV 6.0% - IBU 65
Yeast: Lager
Hop: Azacca, Galaxy, Eldorado
Dry Hop: Azacca, Galaxy

Espresso Luv (robust porter infused with espresso roast coffee)

Pleasing chocolate and caramel malt flavors combined with Dazbog Caspian Espresso.
ABV 5.8% - IBU 40
Yeast: Ale
Hop: Willamette

SUPA SIPA (Session India Pale Ale)

Smooth floral and citrus hop profiles, with notes of peach and passionfruit.
ABV 4.85% - IBU 25
Yeast: Ale
Dry Hop: Citra & Galaxy